Agricultural History 91 (2017), 4

RHN 178/2017 | Publication

Agricultural History, Fall 2017, 91:4

Table of Contents:

“A Golden Harvest”: Gold Mining and Agricultural Reform in North Carolina, 1799–1842
Jason Hauser

The Peasant Route to Innovation: Fertilizer Improvement in the Smallholding Economy of Eighteenth-Century Flanders, Belgium
Pieter De Graef

The Abolition of the Colonate: Long-Term Sharecropping Relations in Dalmatia, 19181946
Ivan Hrstic

“Because They Just Don’t Want To”: Dairy Consumers, Food Quality, and Spain’s Nutritional Transition in the 1950s andEarly 1960s
Fernando Collantes

Roundtable on Debra A. Reid’s Interpreting Agriculture at Museums and Historic Sites
J.L. Anderson, Julia Brock, Nancy E. Villa Bryk, R. Douglas Hurt, and Debra A. Reid