Call for Papers: European Forests – Our Cultural Heritage

RHN 21/2018 | Call

Organisers: IUFRO 9.03.01 Economic and Social Forest history and IUFRO 9.03.02 Forest and Culture jointly with the Austrian Forest Association/Working party Forest History and Institute of Ethnology, Czech Academy of Sciences

4-7 December 2018, St. Georgen am Längsee, Carinthia, Austria

Deadline for abstract submissions: 30 June 2018

Call for Papers for the International Conference
European Forests – Our Cultural Heritage

The aim of the European Cultural Heritage Year 2018 is to share our common cultural heritage and its potential for identification, participation on and development of European cultural, social, economic and other values. The cultural heritage of the forests and in the forests tackles the multiple interrelationships between forests, forest management and the human society, which have changed in the course of history. It is not only confined to demonstrating historical developments, but contributes also considerably to a better understanding of the present situation of forests and the development of the cultural landscape, and provides valuable input for forest conservation and management policies. The EU-Action Plan 2006 acknowledged cultural landscapes, traditional practise and other cultural values of forests as some of the ways of achieving local and regional sustainable development. Landscape values are also included in the new Common Agricultural Policy (CAP) and the European Landscape Convention. Cultural landscapes are considered to be a development factor. These potentials have only partly been investigated till now. However, there is an increasing demand by forest owners related to new markets and additional income beside forestry and an increasing interest of tourisms in the utilization of forest areas and beautiful sceneries. At present numerous initiatives, collections and museums exist; however, they are often not adequately linked. Thus, a new approach for co-operation of forest and woodland history including traditional knowledge and forest and tourist enterprises is aimed and an increasing need to deepen the knowledge related to the forest related cultural heritage should be fulfilled.

Call for papers and posters. Topics of interest:

  1. Investigations aiming to increase the knowledge – documentation – safeguarding related to
  • Historic Land-use Assessments
  • Ancient monuments and other cultural remains in the forest
  • Historical sites and artefacts in the forest
  1. Sharing and improving knowledge concerning the cultural heritage
  2. Cultural heritage of the forest:
  • Forest as a resource in a wide sense e.g. hunting, iron production, resin tapping, forest grazing
  • Cultural heritage in the forest: forests have been cleared and sometimes have been reversed such as cereal cultivation, settlements
  1. Best practices for including traditional knowledge into forest management
  • Recognizing the cultural and spiritual values in forest management
  • Essential tools in applying cultural and spiritual aspects in practical forestry operations.
  • History of former utilisation practises and techniques applied
  1. Studies concerning
  • The historic elements as a physical part of cultural heritage
  • The immaterial cultural heritage such as knowledge

Conference language: English, one or two panels will be held in German language

Abstracts (papers and posters) in English or German language

Please submit your abstract to Elisabeth Johann, email:

Length of abstract: 400 characters (incl. spaces)

Deadline of submission: June 30th 2018

Information about acceptance: July 31st 2018

More information about the conference will be announced on the webpage:

Proceedings of the conference will be printed and also available for download. Deadline for submission of full paper: March 2019, length of papers 10 to 15 pages.

Scientific Committee:

Steven Anderson, Secretary and President, Forest History Society, USA

Elisabeth Johann, Austrian Forest Association, Working group Forest History, Austria

Jürgen Kusmin, Forest Department, Estonian State Forest Management Centre, Estonia

Triin Kusmin, Heritage Culture Specialist, Visitor Management Department, Estonian State Forest Management Centre, Estonia

Ian Rotherham, Department of the Natural and Built Environment, Sheffield Hallam University, , United Kingdom

Tomasz Samojlik, Mammal Research Institute, Polish Academy of Sciences, Białowieża, Poland

Jiří Woitsch, Deputy director, Head of dpt. of Historical Ethnology Institute of Ethnology, Czech Academy of Science, Czech Republic

Preliminary programme:

December 4th arrival, 15:00 – 17:00 registration, Evening: welcome reception

December 5th registration, opening session, paper and poster presentations, evening event

December 6th paper and poster presentations, half-day in-congress excursion to a private forest enterprise

December 7th paper presentations,

12:30 end of conference, departure