European Rural History Film Database Association

RHN 22/2018 | Forum

Newly established: European Rural History Film Database Association

The aim of the European Rural History Film Database Association (ERHFDBA) is to make the films produced on rural Europe visible and provide rural historians with the necessary information to identify and contextualise these films by providing not only information about the location of the original film (and a digitised version of it, if there exists one), but also data and guidance towards the necessary contextual information about who was producing, financing and using the film.

The database gives information on the identified films (commissioned films, non-fiction films, feature films and, in specific cases, amateur films) in standardized manner and enables to search for a film or a topic on a European level. The transformation of the database into an open-access Online-Portal is planned for autumn 2019.

Membership of the ERHFDBA is open to institutions using and developing the ERHFDB. Individuals who are not directly linked to a member-institution of the ERHFDBA can join as associated members. The ERHFDBA currently has eight members from six European countries.

The website provides information on film production in rural Europe, research collaboration and the database itself. Details about the ERHFDBA’s Management Committee and Technical Commission can also be found online, as well as their Newsfeed.