Agricultural History 92 (2018), 1

RHN 24/2018 | Publication

Agricultural History, Winter 2018, 92:1

Table of Contents:

Presidential Address: Get Your Farm in the Fight: Farm Masculinity in World War II
Katherine Jellison

The Transformation of the Dutch Farm Horse into a Riding Horse: Livestock Breeding, Science, and “Modernization,” 1960s–1980s
Bert Theunissen

Genetics, Biotechnology, and Breeding: North American Shorthorn Production in the Twenty-First Century
Margaret Derry

Keeping the Country Clean: Animal Diseases, Bacteriology, and the Foundations of Biosecurity in New Zealand, 1890–1910
Katrina Ford

Early Land-Grant Colleges and Students in the Northeastern United States: A History of Regional Access and Mobility Patterns in Maine, Massachusetts, and New York, 1862–1878
Nathan M. Sorber

In Memoriam: William Warren Rogers (August 18, 1929–October 7, 2017)
Douglas Helms