TSEG 14 (2017), 3

RHN 29/2018 | Publication

TSEG. Tijdschrift voor Sociale en Economische Geschiedenis, 2017, 14:3

Table of Contents:

Coping with Scarcity: a Comparison of Dearth Policies in Three Regions in Northwestern Europe in the Fifteenth and Sixteenth Centuries
Jessica Dijkman

Culling the Herds? Regional Divergences in Rinderpest Mortality in Flanders and South Holland, 1769-1785
Filip Van Roosbroeck, Adam Sundberg

Tall Farmers and Tiny Weavers. Rural Living Standards and Heights in Flanders, 1830-1870
Ewout Depauw

The Land Commenda in the Late Medieval Crown of Aragon and the Rise of a ‘Democratic’ Investment Culture
Jeff Fynn-Paul

Belgische pers ‘voor boeren en buitenlui’
Leen Van Molle

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