Managing Northern Europe's Forests

RHN 31/2018 | Publication

K. Jan Oosthoek and Richard Hölzl (eds.), Managing Northern Europe's Forests. Histories from the Age of Improvement to the Age of Ecology (Environment in History: International Perspectives; 12), New York/Oxford: Berghahn 2018.

This new book will present in eleven chapters a history of state forestry in the countries of northern Europe from the early modern period to the present. It covers the origins of forestry policy, fundamental policy aims, the functioning and organisations of forestry, forest management, wood supply, regulations, forest statistics, wood depletion, growing stock, forest conservation, and landscape protection. The chapters demonstrate how state building and resource use were interconnected and how transnational knowledge transfers helped to build national policies and institutions. Education, trade, warfare and technological development facilitated the transitions from forest cover decline to reforestation. The set-backs, the social conflicts, and the power struggles this process entailed receive critical examination in this volume. The study covers the following nine countries: Finland, Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Germany, Poland, Netherlands, Belgium, and Britain.

Source: EH Resources