Agricultural History 92 (2018), 3

RHN 101/2018 | Publication

Agricultural History, Summer 2018, 92:3

Table of Contents:

Shedding New Light on Rural Electrification: The NeglectedStory of Successful Efforts to Power Up Farms in the 1920s
Richard Hirsh

Feeding the Aversion: Agriculture and the Eschewal of Mining Technology on Angola’s Colonial-Era Diamond Mines, 1917-1975
Todd Cleveland

Farm Machinery Users, Designers, and Government Policy in Argentina, 1861-1930
Yovanna Pineda

The American Way of Farming: Pioneer Hi-Bred and Power in Postwar America
Margaret Weber

“We Love You People Better than We Like Ourselves”: Canada, the United States, Australia, the Soviet Union, and the International Wheat Pool Movement of the 1920s
Jason McCollom