Call for Papers: Rural History 2019 panel proposal - Corn trade over the North Sea (16-19th centuries)

RHN 105/2018 | Call

Organiser: Richard Hoyle

Rural History 2019, 10-13 September 2019, Paris, France

Deadline for panel proposals: 15 October 2018

Is anyone interested in joining a panel looking at the trade in corn and other foodstuffs over the North Sea, and the impact of British markets (and perhaps Dutch markets too) on countries with North Sea coasts? This could include coastal trade from Scotland to England and trade from Ireland could also be considered, so the centre of gravity of the panel could shift westwards if a suitable paper was offered. The broad date range would be from the sixteenth century through to the arrival of American wheat on a large scale in the 1870s. Subjects might include the volume and development of transnational trade over the North Sea, but I would be particularly interested to hear of papers discussing the changes in agricultural regime and landscape brought about by the new opportunities offered by the British market, its impact on labour and the emergence of the new mercantile classes.

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Richard Hoyle

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The Rural History 2019 Call for Panels can be found in RHN 70/2018.