Food, Food Systems, and Agriculture

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RHN 121/2018 | Publication

Europe Now Special Feature – Food, Food Systems, and Agriculture (5 September 2018)

Table of Contents:


“Looking Backward, Moving Forward: Articulating a “Yes, BUT…!” Response to Lifestyle Veganism” by Richard White

“Shoot Out in the O.K. Corral: Revisiting the Méline Tariff in an Age of Global Trade War” by Elizabeth Heath

“Famine and Dearth in Medieval England” by Phillipp Schofield

“Terroir, Wine Culture, and Globalization: What Does Terroir do to Wine?” by Marion Demossier

“The Moral Economies of Agricultural Production and the Role of Property Relations” by Angela Cacciarru

“Becoming an ‘Other Human:’ On the Role of Eating Together in Crisis Greece” by David Sutton

“From Disturbing to Disrupting? Cultured Meat and Early 21st Century Veganism” by Erik Jonsson

“Food Citizenship? Collective Food Procurement in European Cities” by Cristina Grasseni


“Baltic Agriculture: The Political Economy of Extremes” by Anu Mai Köll

“Superfood or Dangerous Drug? Coffee, Tea, and Chocolate in the Late 17th Century” by Ken Albala

“’Let Them Eat Cake:’ European Austerity, Food Insecurity, and Food Fraud” by Louise Manning

Visual Art

“Peas in Queues,” an art series curated by Nicole Shea

Campus Spotlight: Middlebury College

Syllabus: A Feast for the Eyes: Representations of Food in Cinema by Ioana Uricaru

Syllabus: Sociology of Food by Erica Morrell

Syllabus: Sociology of Knowledge and Food Systems by Erica Morrell

Syllabus: Literary Feasts: Representations of Food in Modern Narrative by Sandra Carletti

“Food Activism, the Sociology of Knowledge and First Foods: An Interview with Erica Morrell” by Hélène Ducros


The Culture of Food in England, 1200-1500, reviewed by Philip Slavin

The Pyrenees in the Modern Era: Reinventions of a Landscape, 1775-2012, reviewed by David Messenger

Wine and Place: A Terroir Reader, reviewed by Elizabeth Carter


“Everyone Eats: An Interview with Marion Nestle” by Hélène Ducros

“Food as a Physical, Sensory, and Social Act: An Interview with Nicolas Godinot” by Hélène Ducros

“A Conversation About Urban Agriculture” by Baptiste Grard and Christine Aubry

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