Rural History 29 (2018), 2

RHN 128/2018 | Publication

Rural History. Economy, Society, Culture
Volume 29 – Issue 02 – October 2018

Table of Contents:

The Rural Land Market in Early Modern Inland Flanders and Brabant: A Long Run Perspective
Nicolas de Vijlder

Regulating Poor Migrants in Border Regions: A Microhistory of Out-Parish Relief in Bulskamp (1768–96)
Marjolein Schepers

Travel, Modernity and Rural Landscapes in Nineteenth-Century Liguria
Pietro Piana, Charles Watkins, Ross Balzaretti

Mechanisation in the Periphery: The Experience of Chilean Agriculture, c. 1850–90
Claudio Robles-Ortiz

Institutionalisation of Knowledge-based Growth: the Case of the Dutch-Frisian Dairy Sector (1895–1950)
Merijn Knibbe, Marijn Molema

‘The Troublesome Word of Crisis’: Discourse on the Agricultural Crisis of the 1930s in the Belgian Parliament
Laura Eskens

‘An Arena of Glorious Work’: The Protection of the Rural Landscape Against the Demands of Britain's Second World War Effort
Gary Willis

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