Agricultural History 92, 4 (2018)

RHN 156/2018 | Publication

Agricultural History, Fall 2018, 92:4

Table of Contents:

“The Devil Was in the Englishman that He Makes Everything Work”: Implementing the Concept of “Work” to Reevaluate Sugar Production and Consumption in the Early Modern British Atlantic World
Neil Otsvall and Vaughn Scribner

Generating New Production Knowledge: Competitive Agricultural Events in the British Australian Colony of Victoria, c. 1840-1890
Dmytro Ostapenko

“Tired of Being Exploited”: The Grassroots Origin of the Federal Farm Loan Act of 1916
Christopher W. Shaw

A Tale of Two Forests: Knowledge Circulations between French and American Naval Stores Chemistry, 1900-1970
Marcin Krasnodebski

“We Love You People Better than We Like Ourselves”: Canada, the United States, Australia, the Soviet Union, and the International Wheat Pool Movement of the 1920s
Jason McCollom

ROUNDTABLE: Agricultural History and the History of Science