Call for Papers: Rural History 2019 Panel – Social Players and the Diffusion of Agronomic Knowledge and Technical Innovation

RHN 171/2018 | Call

Organisers: Laurent Brassart (Université de Lille), Andrea M. Locatelli (Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore, Milano), Corinne Marache (Université de Bordeaux Montaigne), Paolo Tedeschi (Università di Milano-Bicocca)

Rural History 2019, 10-13 September 2019, Paris, France

Deadline for paper proposals: 15 January 2019

Call for Papers
Rural History 2019 Panel
Social Players and the Diffusion of Agronomic Knowledge and Technical Innovation in the European Countryside (end 18th – early 20th centuries)

The most recent historical research has reconstructed, on the basis of the suggestions of the economic theory on the role of social capital in the processes of economic development, the concrete and tangible actualizations of the European knowledge in agronomy and zootechnics from the last decades of the 18th century to the eve of WWI.

During the Rural History Conferences 2015 and 2017 papers which were presented in some relevant sessions clearly illustrated the players facilitating the generation, the increase and the diffusion of the intangible capital and of the technical innovation in agriculture. They also showed the different forms of knowledge transmission existing in the European countryside and they took into consideration the modalities, the players and also the social entities involved.

This panel wants to continue the discussion with a particular attention to the actions of some players (landowners and farmers, but also teachers in the agricultural schools or agronomists working in public institutions) who were able to understand the technological changes and to face new particular events arriving during the second half of the 19th century (improvements in transports and consequent enlargement of the markets, arrival of diseases, changes in peasants’ attitudes linked to the diffusion of trade unions, etc…).

Papers participating in this panel will focus their attention on cases showing the propulsive role of key players in:

1) the modernization processes and in the creation of a new productive model where new knowledge in agronomy and zootechnics as well as new technology dominated and where it was necessary to modify agrarian contracts;

2) the creation and enlargement of international networks of knowledge in agronomics and zootechnics and in the diffusion of innovations in the European countryside.

3) the organization of landowners and/or farmers’ associations having the aim of facing the negative economic trend of rural markets (e.g. the wheat and maize ones) or the diseases of relevant high added value productions (vines/wine, cocoons/silk).

Deadline for paper proposals: 15 January 2019

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