Agricultural History Review 66 (2018), 2

RHN 14/2019 | Publication

Agricultural History Review, 2018, 66:2

Table of Contents:

A disappearing landscape: the heathlands of the Berkshire, Hampshire and Surrey borders
Alan G. Crosby

The road to modern forestry: dealing with deforestation in nineteenth-century southern Sweden
Magnus Bohman

John Bright’s Poacher: Poaching, politics and the illicit trade in live game in early Victorian England
Harvey Osborne

From the hungry 1840s to the dear 1850s: the case of Belgium’s food price crisis, 1853-56
Wouter Ronsijn and Eric Vanhaute

Rural crises and adjustment in an agrarian country, New Zealand, 1975 to 1990
Abigail Miles and John Weaver