Milk Cans: A Celebration of their History, Use, and Design

RHN 19/2019 | Publication

Ian Spellerberg, Milk Cans: A Celebration of their History, Use, and Design, Appley Valley, MN: Astragal Press 2018.

Milk cans, milk churns, or milk pails have been used for centuries which is why they are some of the most photographed of all farmyard objects. Here, for the first time, the diversity in size, shape and design of milk cans is presented in a comprehensive and full-color publication. The iconic shape of the “typical” milk can has inspired toymakers, artists, playwrights, novelty manufactures, and sports minded people. Milk cans often become family "treasures" handed down through the generations; insights about these and other social aspects of the milk can are included. In some countries milk tankers have replaced milk cans while bright shiny plastic milk cans appear to be replacing steel cans in others. This entire book is dedicated to the celebration of milk cans and their history, use, and design.