Agricultural History 93, 1 (2019)

RHN 25/2019 | Publication

Agricultural History, Winter 2019, 93:1

Table of Contents:

The “Age of Agricultural Ignorance”: Trends and Concerns for Agriculture Knee-Deep into the Twenty-First Century
Sterling Evans

Metamorphosis: The Rice Boom, Environmental Transformation, and the Problem of Truncation in Colonial Lower Burma, 1850-1940
Peter A. Coclanis

“Yeotopia” Found…But? The Yeoman Ideal that Underpinned New Zealand Agricultural Practice into the Early Twenty-First Century, with American and Australian Comparisons
Tom Brooking

Roundup from the Ground Up: A Supply-Side Story of the World’s Most Widely Used Herbicide
Bartow J. Elmore

Roundtable: Agricultural History and the History of Science