Agricultural History Review 67, 1 (2019)

RHN 67/2019 | Publication

Agricultural History Review, 2019, 67:1


Table of Contents:

Outgrowing the Dark Ages: agrarian productivity in Carolingian Europe re-evaluated
Jonathan Jarrett

The housing of peasant livestock in England, 1200–1520
Christopher Dyer

Peasants’ labour obligations for the lords’ forests: another form of corvée in the Gutsherrschaft of Prussian monarchs, 1763–1850
Takashi Iida

Shifts in agrarian entrepreneurship in mid-Victorian England and Wales
Piero Montebruno, Robert J. Bennett, Carry van Lieshout, Harry Smith and Max Satchell

‘Sweet Public Lands’: The open-range sheep industry of Nevada and its legal dimension in the late nineteenth century
Iker Saitua