Agricultural History 93, 3 (2019)

RHN 110/2019 | Publication

Agricultural History, Summer 2019, 93:3

Special Issue: African American Women in Agriculture during the Jim Crow Era


Table of Contents:

Cherisse Jones-Branch and Adrienne Monteith Petty

“Protect the Mother and Baby”: Mississippi Lay Midwives and Public Health
Yulonda Eadie Sano 

“To Raise Standards Among the Negroes”: Jeanes Supervising Industrial Teachers in Rural Jim Crow Arkansas, 1909–1950
Cherisse Jones-Branch

“No One Was on Their Own”: Sociability among Rural African American Women in Middle Georgia during the Interwar Years
Chrissy Lutz and Dawn Herd-Clark

The Town and Country Roots of Modjeska Monteith Simkins’s Activism
Adrienne Monteith Petty

The South Carolina Home in Black and White: Race, Gender, and Power in Home Demonstration Work
Carmen V. Harris

Centennial Essay
Theory and Theorizing in Agricultural History
Shane Hamilton

Fats of the Land: New Histories of Agricultural Oils
Juan Infante-Amate, Brandon Luedtke, Joshua MacFadyen, Jonathan Robins, Kate Stevens


Full Table of Contents and Abstracts: