Agricultural History 93, 4 (2019)

RHN 145/2019 | Publication

Agricultural History, Fall 2019, 93:4


Table of Contents:

Turning the Tree Plantations of Slavery into Agroforests for Everyman: A Piece of Landscape History from Pemba Island, Zanzibar
Christopher A. Conte    

Nature’s Bread: The Natural Food Debate in Canada, 1940–1949
Brian Payne    

Agricultural High Modernism and Land Reform in Postwar France
Venus Bivar 

Hutterite Agriculture in Alberta: The Contribution of an Ethnic Isolate
Simon Evans   

Why Does Agricultural History Matter?    
Peter A. Coclanis, Greta De Jong, Dolly Jørgensen, Alan I Marcus, Amrys O. Williams, Catharine Anne Wilson
The Audience: Mauro Agnoletti, Kathryn M. De Luna, Brian Donahue, Anne Effland, Edda L. Fields-Black, Prakash Kumar, Peter Lavelle, James Lin, Ben Nobbs-Thiessen, Debra A. Reid, Thomas D. Rogers, Bobby J. Smith II, Steven Stoll, Mary Summers, Nicola Verdon, Nicole Welk-Joerger


Full Table of Contents and Abstracts: