Landscape History 41, 1 (2020)

RHN 59/2020 | Publication

Landscape History 41:1, 2020


Table of Contents:

Exploring the landscape dimension of the early medieval churches. A case study from A Mariña region (north-west Spain)
José Carlos Sánchez-Pardo, Miguel Carrero-Pazos, Marcos Fernández-Ferreiro & David Espinosa-Espinosa

Sound in the landscape, a study of the historical literature. Part 2: the medieval period — the eleventh to fifteenth century (and beyond)
Della Hooke

The management of a Gloucestershire rabbit warren in the mid-seventeenth century
Anthea Jones

Native American landscape modification in pre-settlement south-west Georgia
Rachel R. Fern, Jonathan M. Stober, Max A. Morris & Brandon T. Rutledge

The function of open-field farming – managing time, work and space
Kristofer Jupiter

The energyscape of the lower Thames and Medway: Britain’s changing patterns of energy use
Stephen Murray

Identifying mid-twentieth-century historical trends in United States game law violations: any basis for conservation?
Kelsey Gilcrease


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