The Participative Village. Governing Rural Everyday Worlds in Times of the New Rural Paradigm

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RHN 96/2020 | Event

Organisers: Ove Sutter, Sina Wohlgemuth, Oliver Müller, Elizabeth Stauß, Jana Brass (Department of Cultural Anthropology at University of Bonn)

8–10 October 2020, Online Conference

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Das partizipierende Dorf. Ländliche Alltagswelten in Zeiten des Neuen Ländlichen Paradigmas 

Online-Konferenz des DFG-Projektes „Partizipative Entwicklung ländlicher Regionen. Alltagskulturelle Aushandlungen des LEADER-Programms der Europäischen Union“ und der dgv-Kommission „Kulturanalyse des Ländlichen


The Participative Village. Governing Rural Everyday Worlds in Times of the New Rural Paradigm

Online conference of the research project “Participative Development of Rural Regions. Everyday Cultural Negotiations of the European Union’s LEADER Programme“ (funded by the German Research Foundation) and the dgv section “Cultural Analysis of the Rural



Thursday, 08 October

Conference Opening and Keynote talk by Keith Halfacree (Swansea University, Wales)
The rural: In an era of global mobilities … and in localised viral moments


Friday, 09 October

Participative development of rural regions – Lessons from three LEADER regions inNorth Rhine-Westphalia
Ove Sutter, Sina Wohlgemuth & Oliver Müller (University of Bonn, Germany)


Participatory Governance in Rural Areas

Michael Schönhuth (University of Trier, Germany)
Participatory paradigm, agency and governance in rural development – Lessons from research in the Global South

Letizia Bindi & Angelo Belligiano (University of Molise, Italy)
Memory of the past and “structural nostalgia”. Participatory processes to inlands’ territorialregeneration and their discontents

Marija Roglić (University of Montpellier, France)
The antenarrative of sensemaking: Building participation via LEADER

Manuel Trummer (University of Regensburg, Germany)
Everybody pitch in! Village participation and media(tised) Governance

Lunch break

Emerging Arenas, Practices and Communities

Melissa Niewind (HAWK Hildesheim, Germany)
Village moderation from a relational perspective – Empirical results on the impact at the example of villages in South Lower Saxony

Anja Decker & Susanne Bischof (Czech Academy of Sciences Prague & Thünen Institute of Rural Studies Brunswick, Germany)
Negotiating responsibility for rural communities and rural people: Narratives and ideals in two re_industrialised rural regions in Czechia and eastern Germany

Florian Dünckmann & Jens Reda (University of Kiel, Germany)
Initiating, organising, helping – Practices of civic engagement as joint commitments


Resistant Ruralities

Alexandra Ludewig (University of Western Australia)
From local protest to global activism. Protesting villagers in and around the Hambacher Forest

Agata Stanisz (University of Poznan, Poland)
New activism, involvement and social protests in the Polish countryside. The case of Rogoźno commune

Oliwia Murawska (University of Mainz, Germany)
A lake raises its voice. On the negotiation of an ecological crisis in a Kashubian village


Keynote talk by Bettina Bock (Wageningen University, the Netherlands)
The relational dynamics of rural development – From top-down or bottom-up to shared responsibilities


Saturday, 10 October

Transformationen des Dörflichen | Transformations of Village-ness

Corinne Geering (University of Leipzig, Germany)
Manufacturing the modern village: Regional development and manual labour before the New Rural Paradigm

Werner Nell (Queen’s University, Canada)
Zwischen Kommunalität, Obrigkeit und öffentlicher Meinung. Aktuelle Anschlussmöglichkeiten an Formen der Gestaltung und Legitimation von Recht in Dorfgeschichten des 19. Jahrhunderts
Between communality, authority and public opinion. Current connections to forms of shaping and legitimising law in  village histories of the 19th century”

Anja Schmid-Engbrodt & Judith Schmidt (Institute for Regional Studies and History Bonn, Germany)
Wem gehört das Dorf? Der Umsiedlungsort Keyenberg als Aushandlungsarena
Whose village is it? The Keyenberg resettlement site as an arena of negotiation


Kulturelle Politiken des Ländlichen | Cultural Policies of the Rural

Claudia Neu & Ljubica Nikolic (University of Göttingen, Germany)
Soziale Orte – Analoge Ankerpunkte für Kommunikation, Kooperation und Kultur im ländlichen Raum
Social places – Analogue anchor points for communication, cooperation and culture in rural areas

Maria Rammelmeier (University Hannover, Germany)
Regionalmanager*innen als neue Akteur*innen der partizipativen Governance – Eine Analyse kultureller Netzwerke in dünn besiedelten, ländlichen Räumen"
Regional managers as new actors of participatory governance – An analysis of cultural networks in sparselypopulated rural areas

Karin Bürkert (University of Tübingen, Germany)
Dialog um Kunst und Kultur in ländlichen Räumen – Eine kulturwissenschaftliche Perspektive auf einen kulturpolitischen Steuerungsprozess
Dialogue on art and culture in rural areas – A cultural studies perspective on a cultural policy governance process


Meeting of the dgv section “Cultural Analysis of the Rural”



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