Call for Papers: Rural History 2021 Session Proposal – Beyond collecting: Exploring films as a means of communication for (rural) historians

RHN 105/2020 | Call

Organisers: Juri Auderset, Peter Moser, Andreas Wigger (Archiv für Agrargeschichte, Bern)

Rural History 2021, 23–26 August 2021, Uppsala, Sweden

Call for Sessions deadline: 15 September 2020


Proposal for a panel at the Rural History 2021 Conference in Uppsala
Beyond collecting: Exploring films as a means of communication for (rural) historians


Films are important for historians of the 20th century. Since online-platforms like the one created by the European Rural History Film Association ( provide access to an increasing number of films, rural historians rely on them in similar ways as they have done so far on photographs and written or oral sources. But the question remains whether films are “only” a source for historians or also an appropriate means of communication for historical insights and narratives. This question is particularly relevant in an era of media consumption when texts are increasingly questioned as the main form of communication in the academic world and certainly losing their primacy in non-academic circles.

The aim of this panel is to analyse the potential of films as a means of communication in history. Proposals addressing the question whether video essays are an alternative or at least a complementary form of publication for historians are particularly welcome. Contributions in this panel may take on the form of video essays, documentaries, workshop reports or theoretical reflections.

Proposals for contributions can be sent to or until 12.09.2020.


The Rural History 2021 Call for Sessions can be found in RHN 61/2020.

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